The Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, many victims are abused by more than one offender. (Sexual Abuse: Counseling Issues and Concerns. Halliday, L. 1985)

Most victims of child sexual abuse are under the age of 16, with 48% of the victims being under the age of 12. (A Guided Self-Help Approach to Treatment of the Habitual Sex Offender. Saylor, M. 1979)

In one study, 232 convicted child molesters reported 55,250 attempted molestations and 38,727 completed molestations, or an average of 111 attempted molestations and 106 completed molestations per child molester. (Sexual Offenders: Results of Assessment and Recommendations for Treatment. Abel, G., Mittleman, M., and Becker, J. 1985)

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