Adults who were sexually abused as children report serious long-term symptoms including, but not limited to the following psychological, behavioral and physical problems:

Suicidal ideation; low self-esteem; depression; post-traumatic stress disorder; increased drug and alcohol use; obsessive-compulsive disorder; personality disorders; sexual difficulties; early sexual activity/pregnancy; prostitution; subsequent sexual victimization; sexual dysfunction; STDs. (Prevalence and Psychological Sequelae of Self-Reported Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse in General Population Sample of Men and Women, Child Abuse and Neglect. Briere, J. and Elliott, D.M. 2003)

Individuals who have been sexually abused as children are more likely to enter and remain in abusive situations later on in their lives. (Identifying Child Molesters: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse by Recognizing the Patterns of the Offenders. van Dam, Carla. 2001)

In one study, over 52% of all patients in a large mental health center were victims of childhood sexual abuse. (The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Later Psychological Functioning: Defining a Post-Sexual Syndrome. Briere, J. 1984; Incidence and Impact of Sexual Abuse in a Child Outpatient Sample: The Role of Direct Inquiry. Child Abuse & Neglect. Lanktree, C., Briere, J., and Zaide, L. 1991)