One of every 10 children in the U.S. is subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of their school between kindergarten and 12th grade. (AP: Sexual Misconduct Plagues U.S. Schools. MSNBC. 2007)

Most victims of child sexual abuse are under the age of 16, with 48% of the victims being under the age of 12. (A Guided Self-Help Approach to Treatment of the Habitual Sex Offender. Saylor, M. 1979)

Children may need to tell nine different adults before their story is heard. (CARE [Child Abuse Research in Education] Productions. Classroom Safety Training Materials. 1985)

Studies estimate that only about 6% of all children report sexual abuse by an adult to someone who can do something about it (Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature. Shakeshaft, C. 2004)