How Societal Attitudes Impact Child Sexual Abuse

Statistically speaking, children will need to tell nine different adults before their story might even be heard. (CARE (Child Abuse Research in Education) Productions. Classroom Safety Training Materials. 1985)

Children are even less likely to be believed when they disclose the sexual abuse by those known and loved in their family or community, even though most instances of child sexual abuse are initiated by “trusted” family and community members. (The Incidence and Prevalence of Intrafamilial and Extrafamilial Sexual Abuse of Female Children. Russell, D.E.H. 1983; Sexual Abuse: Counseling Issues and Concerns. Halliday, L. 1985; Child Abuse Trauma: Theory and Treatment of the Lasting Effects. Briere, J. 1992)

Families in general are under increased stress that further helps to isolate children from parents, and makes them potential targets. (The Shelter of Each Other. Pipher, M. 1996)

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